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Welcome to Evolution Trading Company, an established and trusted organization that specializes in Elevators, Escalators, Moving Pathways and Automated Parking Solutions. Headquartered in Dubai, Evolution Trading has over the years built a reputation for quality and originality in all its products and services.

The Engineering company manufactures, installs and supports modern elevators, escalators, automated pathways and parking solutions and is also involved in the distribution of various spare parts. Apart from major plans to significantly increase its presence in the Gulf, the company also has a proven success story in India where it operates in collaboration with market leaders like Omega Elevators in India.



Capsule Elevators: Capsule Elevators adorn the buildings and add to the beauty visually by bringing life to it. These can be customized with attractive interiors and glass viewing panels. Evolution Trading Company brings to you infinite options of ultra-modern designs in Capsule.




Goods Elevators: Goods and freight elevators are used extensively in factories and storage facilities for the movement of goods between floors. Evolution Trading Company can customize these elevators as per your requirements in terms of size, capacity and other needs.